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Success Story: Pets & People Humane Society

Our volunteers are used to seeing the horrible, usually "behind-the-scenes" realities of what some humans are capable of. But we get proven time and time again that there are still things that shock us and make us cry. One of our volunteers received a call from an animal control officer ab...
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Success Story: Casa del Toro Pit Bull Rescue

We rescued Gronk (first photo) from the shelter when he was five months old. He came in as a police confiscate because someone abandoned him in a garage and a good Samaritan called Animal Care & Control. We used grant monies to repair the luxating patella in Gronk's rear right leg. This is ...
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Success Story: Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation

We used the money to pay toward the vet bill that we accumulated for Mr. Bojangles' insulin needles. He is a diabetic kitty that is in foster care. Mr. Bojangles says, "I am a super super friendly polydactyl tuxedo kitty -- yes, I have awesome paws with extra toes! My paws look like little...
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Success Story: Crossroads Animal Rescue

Since the donation was made, we have been able to find foster homes for many of the animals in our rescue, specifically Alladdin (first photo), a Labrador retriever/Plott hound puppy. Alladdin and his five siblings came to CARE after being rescued from the local shelter. These sweet puppies had been...
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Success Story: Planned Pethood

We got the call to see if we were available to foster a young black Lab mix. “Sure, we can do that.” I said. Then we hear, “Well, he has some special needs.” “Okay, no big deal, we can handle that.” “He has burns that you will need to keep clean and make sure he doesn’t scratch or ge...
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