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Success Story: Shaggy Dog Rescue

We are using the funds to help pay the surgeon's bill on a 10-month-old Dachshund mix that we rescued from BARC, the City of Houston animal shelter. His name is Dutch. It is [an open-admission] shelter; this small dog was not wanted by any of the rescues. He has a fractured leg and demodex mang...
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Success Story: Humane Society of Raleigh County

Since our cats are allowed to roam freely in this room, they tend to actually pick the adopter they want. Now with the upgrade, potential adopters are greeted by an attractive room and loving cats. They are staying longer in this area and interacting more with the cats. This increased interaction ti...
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Success Story: Animal Rescue New Orleans

ARNO exists especially for little angels like Lizzy. Lizzy came to us from a woman whose husband had decided to euthanize her as she had been very sick and she begged us to take her and try to save her. She was a shepherd mix and approximately 12 weeks of age, the sweetest little girl who loved to s...
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Success Story: SCRAPS

As fires raged across Washington state last summer, many livestock owners were forced to place their animals into shelters. When one of those owners brought his animals to the shelter established at the rodeo grounds, the volunteers there became alarmed at their condition and called SCRAPS. Our offi...
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VIDEO: See the Lives Your Donations Have Saved

We asked the shelters and rescue groups that received grants from the Petfinder Foundation this year to send us their favorite rescued-pet transformations. The response was overwhelming. These are just a few of the hundreds we received. Many of these images are graphic. But these are the realities that animal rescuers face on a daily basis. Thank you to the...
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