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Success Story: Catahoula Rescue of New England: Houlas & Heelers, Inc.

Pepper is a little Blue Heeler who came from a very rural shelter down in the gulf of Louisiana. I learned of Pepper one night before going bed, when I checked my email one last time. An acquaintance of mine begged me to save him. He was scheduled to die the next morning at 8 a.m. and I needed to ma...
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Success Story: The Washington County Humane Society

It was a cold winter Wisconsin day when a woman came into the shelter telling us of a dog in her car who had been hit by a truck or car. We assume it was a snow plow because of the hole that had penetrated her head. The dog was covered in blood, but her tail never stopped wagging! We couldn't s...
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Success Story: Richardson Rescue

Sweet P is a beautiful, sweet pit bull who suffered from a severe case of Demodex. On the morning of the fire at our rescue, she received second- and third-degree burns over most of her body. She stayed at the vet's office for two weeks to receive daily cleaning and treatment of her burns. When...
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Success Story: Center Valley Animal Rescue

Kiego is a high-energy coonhound/Lab mix. He came to CVAR from Thurston County, WA, where he was picked as a stray who had been in numerous fights. He came with bite wounds and an aggressive attitude toward other dogs and CVAR's farm animals. On daily walks, Kieko would lunge at other dogs and ...
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Success Story: Michiana Humane Society & SPCA

One specific example in a funny way is Ringo, the red Pit Bull. Ringo was surrendered to the shelter by a serial dog owner who once again found herself unable to afford her pets. At three years old, and as a Pit Bull, Ringo faced an extended stay waiting for people to adopt her. But her red coat mad...
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