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Success Story: National Mill Dog Rescue

Journey is the ideal new name for a 2-year-old Havanese we called Captain when we rescued him in November, because his new people traveled through many states looking for him and they'll be traveling through many more with him on board their RV! Having lost their Westie in December, this compa...
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Success Story: Midsouth Pug Rescue Inc

Bertha was rescued from the local shelter; she had low liver function and was not eating. This grant, along with others, helped us to get her the veterinary care she needed....
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Success Story: San Antonio R.O.C.K.S.

Eevie, Shelby, Liberty, and Benji all benefited from the Petfinder Foundation Orvis grant. They were all rescued from our city’s [open-admission] shelter and treated for heartworms. All but Benji have found loving forever homes. Benji is a recent save for our rescue. San Antonio R.O.C.K.S. saved h...
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Success Story: Whiskers Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

Our two current rescue horses, Slim Shady and Blondie, had water rushing into their stalls and the entire field was very wet or under water. Getting the level of the stalls up will prevent them from having serious foot issues by allowing them to have a dry place to stand, eat and sleep....
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Success Story: Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter

Mr. T (first photo) is a pit bull mix whom we have had at our shelter for several months. He is very energetic and does not show very well in his kennel, which results in him getting looked over by adopters. With it being so cold outside right now, he doesn't get as much outdoor time as he shou...
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