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Success Story: Glenn Ista Shelter - Humane Society of Richland and Wilkin Counties

The Sponsor a Pet money was donated for Channing, a sometimes cute, sometimes bedraggled-looking domestic longhair black-and-white young cat. He looked like the cat in the cartoon Kit 'n' Carlyle. The funds were used towards his medical bills (vaccinations, etc.). He has since been adopted...
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Success Story: Oregon Humane Society

Cricket, a 3-year-old corgi/terrier mix, came to the Oregon Humane Society from another shelter. Unfortunately, the other shelter cannot keep pets for very long if they are not adopted. Thanks to generous donors like you, we are able to bring pets like Cricket to our shelter, where hundreds of peopl...
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Success Story: Animal Care Center of St. John

How beautiful is baby Blue? About a year old, she is turning into a wonderful girl. She would do best in a single-dog home. It's not her fault she was tied up outside and had to do her best to get food among other dogs from the information we got. She is wonderful on walks and very playful and ...
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Success Story: Central PA Humane Society

One of our scared Pit Bull dogs now looks forward to having her kennel opened, as she is associating people walking by with receiving a frozen Kong filled with peanut butter. She is becoming more trusting and will even greet you at the gate. Prior to this, she was very timid and scared with people. ...
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Success Story: Furry Friends Network

When just a 4-month-old puppy, Angel was chained to her front porch in downtown Harrisburg and left there to endure both cold December days and nights. Thankfully a neighbor cared enough to find help for Angel. Angel spent a year in foster care without any luck in finding her forever home. As she ma...
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