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Success Story: Second Chance Pet Adoptions

The dog in the attached photo, Mia, is a dog we rescued in May of 2017. Her leg was severely injured, the skin on her ribcage was flayed open, and she had gravel and cuts on her face. We believe she was probably hit by a car. We took her into our program and, in an effort to save her leg, we put a r...
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Success Story: The Animal Refuge Center

Elwood (first and second photos) is a very active young dog. We took him in after Hurricane Matthew. He arrived at ARC testing positive for heartworm disease. Highly energetic dogs frequently develop complications during heartworm treatment since it is difficult to keep them calm. Fortunately, Elwoo...
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Success Story: Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue

We pulled Franz from a Texas shelter on May 30. He started showing parvovirus symptoms on May 31. We got him to the vet and they did not think he would survive. Franz has a strong will to live and he beat the odds. He is now in foster care and quarantined for a few more weeks. Once he has the okay o...
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Success Story: The Cat Network, Inc.

Candela and Kaori were two small kittens found and rescued by a lady who feeds cats on the street. Even though she knew she could not keep them, she just couldn't leave them there facing possible danger. So she gave them to another person who raised them from the age of 5 weeks to 12 weeks. Whe...
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Success Story: Operation Kindness

Garth, a German Shepherd mix, came to Operation Kindness with neurological problems that made him unable to walk properly. While in his kennel, he was still able to play, chew and stay engaged with his Kong toy as we were able to train him and get him a custom wheelchair! He has been adopted by a lo...
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