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Success Story: Furry Kids' Refuge

Sidney, a shepherd mix, was hit by multiple cars prior to being found by a Good Samaritan. He had been left for dead with multiple fractures in his hind legs. He taken to a vet who performed surgery, resulting in intramedullary pins in his left tibia and his right femur. After this surgery, Furry Ki...
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Rushing Aid to Louisiana’s Animal Flood Victims

As catastrophic flooding has devastated Louisiana, the Petfinder Foundation is rushing funds to the organizations working to save the region’s pets. These are the shelters we’ve sent grant money to already; we continue to send funds as groups contact us. Rescutopia’s Happy Tails Island Savannah Brown, founder of the Baton Rouge cat-rescue group, tells us, “All of our foster homes...
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Success Story: Forget Me Not Animal Shelter

We received some terrified cats who had been living with a woman who, sadly, had dementia and was unable to properly care for and socialize them. When Brooklyn and Brier arrived, we couldn't get them to come out of the various boxes and hidey-holes around their cat room. Our volunteers began wo...
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Success Story: Cache Humane Society

Leona was a beautiful young Staffordshire terrier mix who struggled to find the right home. She spent more than six months in our facility, with multiple failed adoptions due to behavioral issues. She was loving and responsive with familiar people, but new faces and unfamiliar environments made her ...
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Success Story: New Hope Animal Rescue

Gracie was a beautiful black Lab mix who had been consistently overlooked for more than six months. She was just a puppy at 11 months old, and we were stumped that no one had come to adopt this awesome girl. We began working with Gracie on basic commands thanks to the treat pouches, gave her a kenne...
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