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Success Story: Frosted Faces Foundation

We rescued 11-year-old Otis from Baldwin Park Shelter after he was confiscated from a burning home that was in unlivable condition. His owner and the "indoor dogs" actually died in the fire. I think the only thing that saved Otis was that he appeared to have lived a lifetime outside. He wa...
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Success Story: Williamson County Animal Center

Mongo is a 7-year-old domestic long-haired cat who came into our center as a stray. He was very fearful, and being in a shelter environment made him more anxious. Staff worked diligently to reduce his stress while we waited for his owners to claim him. After he went unclaimed, staffers were excited ...
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Success Story: Adopt a Saint

After we received the grant, a local shelter called me to ask if I could come and pick up a stray female, so I went the next day. When I got there and saw the condition she was in, I wasn’t surprised: She was very dirty, very skinny (weighed 80 lbs.), had a very bad case of kennel cough, and had b...
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Success Story: Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue

Rosie benefited from the Sponsor a Pet grant. Her story isn't unusually compelling, but she has some good photos! She was a stray who made her way to an overcrowded shelter that contacted Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue. Her great personality, athleticism and sharp looks quickly attracted the attenti...
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Success Story: All About Animals Rescue

Baby, a socialized community cat, was taken in and adopted out with the help of this grant. Baby had always lived outside, but her caregiver's house burned down and she never returned to help any of the cats she had been caring for. Baby now has an indoor home :)...
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