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CA697 Sonoma Humane Society

Helping Pets Burned and Displaced by California Wildfires

Sonoma Humane Society: $4,000 “We are currently experiencing an unprecedented wild fire disaster,” says Development Director Melissa Dobar. “Many have had to evacuate quickly and were not able to take their animals. Over 2,000 residences have been destroyed. Since this began on Oct. 8, 2017, we have had hundreds of calls and animals come through our doors. The disaster continues...
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Success Story: Pinky Paws ResQ

The sponsored pet was Chico. From his Petfinder profile: "Chico has been on a waiting list for transfer. I would love to find him a home close by. I've had him in my care for seven years. He deserves more. He talks and loves to dance. He also burrows under blankets. His owner, an elderly w...
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Success Story: Rockers Rescue

One of our senior dogs, Easton (first photo), uses his Chill Pad every day. He has no eyes as both have been removed. It is the perfect shape for him to walk onto it to go cuddle up! Since we bring the Chill Pads to adoption events, it gives him something familiar as well. Easton is still available ...
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Success Story: Companion Animal Alliance

This grant helped prepare Sadie for adoption. Sadie, a beautiful cattle-dog mix, found her forever home in July. She is now being completely spoiled and adored by her new family. From her Petfinder profile: "Say hello to your new sunshine on a cloudy day: Sadie. She likes to run and play until ...
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Success Story: Iroquois County Animal Rescue

The enrichment that these cage accessories provided helped a cat named PK get adopted into a loving home. He felt more secure and relaxed because he had a place to hide inside his enclosure, and this actually made him more social. When adopters approached his cage, he would emerge from his hideaway ...
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