Petfinder Foundation News


Success Story: Friends of the St. Joseph Animal Shelter

James (first photo) is a cute and very affectionate 13-year-old Chihuahua who was found wandering out in a field with the worst case of fleas. James was greatly underweight and had numerous health issues (skin problems and other related health issues). Thanks to the grant from the Petfinder Foundati...
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Success Story: Rutland County Humane Society

The animals who were helped by this grant are nameless and their stories unknown. The dogs who had the attention of readers or were bathed and walked by campers, the cats who were socialized by campers and the animals who were cared for by the donations many of our children brought in went on to the...
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Success Story: Gateway Pet Guardians

We have one foster home with six kittens: Diego, Celia, Naiya, Roja, Isa, and Kiki. These kittens came from a community member who needed help with their momma cat, Dora. Dora was returned to her family after the kittens were weaned, and the kittens all waited in a foster home to meet their forever ...
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Success Story: Pawsibilities Are Endless

Crosser (first photo) was left tied to the porch of one of our volunteers' houses one evening when no one was home. Her family arrived home and moved him inside into a kennel and provided him with food and water. We were able to give him his vaccines, microchip, Strongid and flea preventative t...
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Success Story: Panhandle Animal Shelter

J.J. is 1-year-old hound mix (first and second photos) who has been with us since Nov. 10, 2017. By mid-December, his behavior started to change to where he tugged and pulled on walks and barked at anything and everything in his kennel and outside. When he was first introduced to playgroup, he'...
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