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Success Story: Four Paws Rescue, Inc.

The adopters of Evening, a.k.a. “Evie,” write to us: We still had pain in our hearts from losing our beloved dogs Bennie (12 years) and Sage (8 years). Our 6-year-old daughter, Wren, had been asking us for some time when she would be old enough to get a puppy. Petfinder showed gorgeous heeler-mi...
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Success Story: Fresno Bully Rescue

Fergie (first photo) was spotted by a local bus driver in a field in Madera, Calif. She was hunkered down in 100-degree heat with no food or water. She only weighed about 35 pounds and her body was covered in scabs and open sores. Fergie was rushed to the vet. She was diagnosed with severe dehydrati...
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Success Story: Heart of Texas SPCA

Tom and Jerry were rescued off a busy street on Mother's Day by a good Samaritan. At only 10 weeks old and only about 5 lbs. each, they would not have lasted long on their own. They appear to be Chihuahua/terrier mixes. How such young, tiny babies could end up on a busy street in the middle of ...
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Success Story: Pets & People Humane Society

Our volunteers are used to seeing the horrible, usually "behind-the-scenes" realities of what some humans are capable of. But we get proven time and time again that there are still things that shock us and make us cry. One of our volunteers received a call from an animal control officer ab...
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Success Story: Casa del Toro Pit Bull Rescue

We rescued Gronk (first photo) from the shelter when he was five months old. He came in as a police confiscate because someone abandoned him in a garage and a good Samaritan called Animal Care & Control. We used grant monies to repair the luxating patella in Gronk's rear right leg. This is ...
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