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Success Story: Take Me Home Pet Rescue

One recent hot Texas summer day, Hero was left for dead in the hellhole of South Dallas called Dowdy Ferry Road. Dowdy Ferry Rd. is located in an area known as the dumping ground for dead, injured, tortured, sick and unwanted dogs. (Many of our rescued dogs come from this area.) Hero was covered in ...
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Success Story: Pug Rescue of Austin

Ebenezer (first photo) entered the rescue after being relinquished by his owner, who reported finding him several months earlier. When our doctors examined him, he was found to have severe dry eye, an eye infection, vision loss, an infected nose and the worst-grade periodontal disease. He had severe...
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Success Story: Delaney's Dog

This grant helped us provide food and supplies to the foster family who cared for, and did an amazing job helping, Mama Cleo, a German shepherd, and her seven puppies (first photo). This grant came in right at the time her puppies were born and provided us with additional funds to prepare for the hi...
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Success Story: Humane Society of Lincoln County

Luke was an intact West Highland terrier mix who found a way out of his yard to search for love. He found a car instead. His family waited several days before deciding that they couldn't afford to have his broken leg treated and he was surrendered to the HSLC animal shelter. After a vet bill of...
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Success Story: LIFE Animal Rescue

This adorable boy flew to L.A. a few weeks ago after being rescued from the streets of Bangkok. Today Fu Fu found his forever home with new mom, Susan, in Los Angeles. Fu Fu is a true gentleman and has charmed many of us with his handsome looks and his super cool personality. Susan will be taking Fu...
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