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Success Story: Crossroads Animal Rescue

Katie was a sweet girl who came to us in rough shape: She had matted, dirty, maggot-infested fur that had to be shaved down; severe arthritis; and was so emaciated and weak, she could barely stand. She made an awesome recovery thanks to our vet and Katie's foster home. However, this sweet girl ...
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Success Story: Saving Grace Rescue, Inc.

Little Astro was rescued from a hoarding situation. He was found blind and infested with fleas. He was unable to find food in the stench and was losing weight and near death when we got him. Astro cannot see and needs a bit more time to learn to balance, but he is full of love and affection and some...
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Success Story: Fayetteville Animal Protection Society

At only 5 years old, little Sadie knew nothing but neglect. Someone likely bought her as a cute puppy and had not done any research on the needs of cocker spaniels, judging by the condition of her ears. Sadie’s owners were moving to Germany and instead of the life she had known with her family, sh...
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Success Story: HALO Animal Rescue

Hi, my name is Enoki and I'm 10 years old. I'm a special-needs kitty with a great personality. I was in HALO's care for seven months before finding my forever home. The staff at HALO really got to know and love me. I am curious, attentive, friendly and a loving, young-at-heart girl. I...
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Success Story: Hendricks County Humane Society (HCHS)

Until we had our workshop, we were pretty sure that a cat named Rinny was unsociable. She would hide in her condo and peak over the edge when someone came into the room but then she would hide her head again. On the night of our Reading to the Cats workshop, Rinny perked up at the sound of the child...
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