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Success Story: Baywater Animal Rescue

Kaya (first two photos) is a 23-month-old red-nose pit bull who came under our care after her owner showed up one evening before closing looking to surrender her. He stated she had become food aggressive with the other dogs in their house. We could count vertebrae and ribs on Kaya's small frame...
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Success Story: Last Hope Cat Kingdom

We recently held an open house to show off the shelter's new look. A lovely family heard about the event and came to look for a kitten to adopt. Filmore (first photo) was taken off the streets of Atwater and nursed back to health by one of our dedicated volunteers. He now has a wonderful foreve...
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Success Story: Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies

This will be particularly important for our dogs in rehab, as they will be able to access the outside part of the kennels to relieve themselves without traveling through mud or lots of ice and snow. The safety factor is huge, as we had a visiting mountain lion in the past. For these reasons, we want...
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Success Story: Cats Angels, Inc. SPCA

Our new room has helped many of our cats and kittens live a healthier life because we can properly clean and disinfect all areas of our intake room now to help stop the spread of infectious diseases. Every week Cats Angels transports 25-30 cats to First Coast No More Homeless Pets for surgery. Many ...
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Success Story: Ayla's Acres No-Kill Animal Rescue, Inc.

Miles is a black Lab/chow mix. He was found wandering the road in a rural part of St Augustine. We were called. We assessed the dog. He had a huge lump on his side. We took the boy, named him Miles and took him to the vet. The vet determined that Miles is approximately 7 years old. He was given his ...
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