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Success Story: Taz & Penny's Happy Tails Rescue

Taylor came to us as an owner surrender. She had lived for 10 years with her family and suddenly found herself homeless when her owner had to move and couldn't take Taylor with her. She is sweet, loyal and oh, so loving! At 10 years old, Taylor wasn't the "cute little puppy" that...
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Success Story: Pack N Pounce Animal Rescue

Stinzy came to our rescue from her owner, with the claim that she was in excellent health except that she had conjunctivitis. Her owners admitted to not being able to take her to the vet for care, but we could not imagine leaving her with her eyes so hurt. We brought her to the vet for her first exa...
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Success Story: Double Dog Rescue

This money was used to help a beagle-mix dog named Abigail who had a severe case of mange. She was almost unrecognizable as a dog because it had ravaged her face and body, leaving sore, red, bleeding skin behind. She was only four months old at this time and in [an open-admission] shelter. No one wo...
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Success Story: Fourgotten Paws Animal Rescue

We have several great stories, but most recently, a family was set to adopt Tilly, one of our Maine coon mixes, but when they went to adopt her they saw Tilly's roommate, Shasta, and decided to adopt them together, which was made possible by the adoption-fee reduction and allowed these two cats...
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Success Story: ABRA, Inc.

Fergus was a 4-month-old puppy left abandoned at a local animal control with a broken leg. A woman claimed to have found him in that condition and held onto him for a few days before turning him over. The poor pup was very underweight, filthy, and in pain, but trusting. Fergus was pulled by ABRA, In...
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