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Success Story: City of Chico Animal Shelter

All of the cats in the adoptable cat room are experiencing a much more stress-free stay at the shelter now that they do not have to hear the constant screeching and banging of the kennel door right outside their room. In addition, the doors will now shut quietly and, because of the seal, will keep o...
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Success Story: Salem County Humane Society

The grant was used to renovate the entrance to our animal shelter, which was in dire need of repair. The public now enters our shelter through a neat and structurally sound entrance. This structure also serves as a safeguard to prevent our cats living in one of the group housing rooms from escaping ...
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Improving Shelters Helps Pets for Years to Come

Our cash grants are often used to provide immediate care for individual pets: Medical treatment, food, etc. But we encourage shelters to use the funds to improve their physical facilities in ways that will benefit countless pets for years to come. Thanks to your donations and a generous gift from Mohawk Flooring, many shelters made these permanent improvements. Here are...
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Win a Signed ‘Off the Leash’ Comic Print!

We love British cartoonist Rupert Fawcett’s Off the Leash comics, which lovingly lampoon our relationships with our canine family members. To celebrate the U.S. publication of the first Off the Leash collection, Fawcett has created a special series for the Petfinder Foundation, illustrating his support for their advocacy on animal rescue and responsible pet ownership. Best of all, he’s offering...
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Success Story: York County SPCA

Isabella has been in our care since late July. Her owner was unable to afford her veterinary care and as a result she was signed over to us. She has been in quarantine since she arrived and most likely will remain there until the end of September. The outdoor time that she will now be able to have w...
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