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Success Story: Tyson's Place Animal Rescue

Lucy was an outdoor-only beagle who had been used for breeding and found herself homeless after her owner died. No one knew her name, so we named her Lucy. At the age of 12, she had several medical issues: She was unfixed; had a mammary tumor, roundworms, hookworms, a large, infected hot spot and ro...
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Success Story: Fox Valley Humane Association

Elliot (first photo) is a Basenji pup who came into our care at 10 weeks old and has recently been adopted. He was surrendered to the shelter and was placed on an extended hold due to some owner issues. While he was in our care, he had extremely high energy. To help keep him distracted and his foste...
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Success Story: Halfway Home Rescue, Inc.

This generous donation was used to assist with Dudley's throat surgery. Dudley is a bulldog mix who was surrendered to a local vet for euthanasia. His previous owner had determined that Dudley was not of "breeding stock" and requested euthanasia. The veterinarian refused and the owner...
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Success Story: Catahoula Rescue of New England: Houlas & Heelers, Inc.

Tia (first photo) is an Australian cattle dog/hound mix who was saved from Texas, were she was found as a stray and scheduled for euthanasia. This sweet girl, once pulled and in a home, really came out of her shell. She bonds very tightly with people and just wants to please! She LOVES her bed. She ...
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Success Story: Operation Kindness

This grant will allow us to provide each child we serve with a fun activity/coloring book that teaches them about how to care for their animal, where to adopt an animal and how to choose the right animal for their family, what a veterinarian is, how to approach a strange animal, word search, matchin...
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