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Success Story: Humane Society of Jefferson County, WA

Karl, a mastiff mix, was a dog who came to us as a stray on March 18, 2014. Karl is a goofy boy who was very beloved by volunteers and staff, but some of our potential adopters were intimidated by his size. Karl stayed with us, getting training and love, until he found his forever home on Oct. 1. K...
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Success Story: Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue

Ghita, a puppy-mill French Bulldog, was able to receive a rabies vaccine, as was Bubba, a puppy-mill Boston Terrier. Ghita is a 5.5-year-old DEAF Frenchie. She is sweet with her people, but she is a little pickier with her canine friends. Ghita came from a breeding operation and she isn't used ...
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Success Story: York Adopt-A-Pet

Lucky is a senior dog. The Sponsor a Pet grant money received enabled us to waive his adoption fee and reduce it for others. It also allowed us to neuter and vaccinate Rudy and Kratos and to provide medical care and vaccinations for Lucky....
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Success Story: Spay Stokes

We already knew who our dogs were that were terrified of storms so when the first storm came, we put them on our two most frightened dogs, Piper and Chance. Piper seemed to be the one who I saw the most benefits from wearing the Thundershirt, as he sat calmly and did not shake and pant as much as he...
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Success Story: Wood County Humane Society

Currently we have a diabetic cat named Abra who requires prescription food, daily glucose testing and insulin injections. She is a staff and volunteer favorite because even though she gets poked and prodded daily she still has a very sweet disposition. It also helps that she has gorgeous black fur a...
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