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If you are a Petfinder member looking for grant opportunities, you are in the right place! Below, please find all the open grants we have available right now. Please note that we only award grants from programs listed on this page and all grant requests must be submitted via a complete online application. If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at 520-207-0626, or email us at

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Sign up to be notified of new grant opportunities by email. To accomplish our mission of ending the euthanasia of adoptable pets, we concentrate our work in three core areas: Quality of Life, Disaster and Emergency Response, and Sponsor a Pet.


All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration Grant
Grant Amount: Grants will range from $500 - $10,000

Dog_Rescue_Final_8k-0This grant is made possible by individual donors who watched ALL-STAR DOG RESCUE CELEBRATION! as well as FOX Broadcasting Company and Michael Levitt Productions. Donors to the fund as well as the teams at FOX and Michael Levitt Productions join us in the belief that there is nothing more important than encouraging people to choose to adopt one of the more than eight million rescue animals currently in the U.S. shelter system, patiently waiting to become part of a loving family in a forever home.

Grants from the All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration program will be awarded to organizations that help rescue dogs find loving, forever homes.

Emergency Medical Grant
Grant Amount: Grants range from $100 to $1,000

tucker2The Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical grant program is intended to assist Petfinder members caring for a pet who needs special veterinary care in order to become adoptable. Grants from this program can be used to cover dental work, emergency surgery, etc., up to $1,000. This program will not provide grants to cover routine veterinary services such as spay/neuter, vaccines or wellness exams.

Orvis Animal Care Grant
Grant Amount: $1,000

sky-email-2The Orvis animal care grants are to be used to support dog adoptions in a positive way.

This grant is made possible by our partnership with The Orvis Company, one of the longest running retailers in the US and supporter of conservation and animal efforts nationwide, who joins us in our belief that promoting pet adoption helps save lives.

KONG Toy Grant

KONGThe Petfinder Foundation is working with KONG to provide enrichment toys to shelters and adopters across the country.  The Kong company joins the Petfinder Foundation in the belief that by providing enrichment toys to shelter pets, you stimulate their mind, making them more adoptable.

P.L.A.Y. Pet Beds

PLAYThe Petfinder Foundation has partnered with P.L.A.Y. to help give shelter pets beds through their Warm Bellies Initiative. They join us in the belief that every pet, regardless of whether they are a celebrity pooch or a pup waiting in a shelter for his forever home, deserves a warm and cozy place to sleep.


Grant Amount: Ranges from $500 - $10,000 based on need

Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods, earthquakes and other events can devastate animal rescue Disasterand shelter organizations. The Petfinder Foundation oversees a Disaster Fund to help pets and animal welfare organizations when a natural or man-made disaster hits a community.


Sponsor a Pet

The bobcat1Sponsor a Pet program enables visitors to contribute toward the care of homeless pets that they are unable to adopt. When you enroll in Sponsor a Pet, the “Sponsor Me” button already present on each of your pets’ profiles will allow users to contribute to your organization. Your donations will be mailed via paper check to your organization once per quarter. You may log in to your account to retrieve donor data at any time. To enroll, please visit