Street Team

Welcome to the Petfinder Foundation Street Team! If you aren’t already a member, you can sign up here. If you are already part of the team, log in to view your points, find new projects, or complete a report to earn more points towards cool prizes.

How it Works

The Petfinder Foundation Street Team is all about action. We want you to get involved in your community, and we are providing you with projects to do just that! All you need is some time and a little effort, and you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of pets.

Step 1

Create a Street Team account here. Once it is created, log in to view your point status.

Step 2

Come back here to see different projects you can do. Some require online action, some require hands on action, and some projects are all about spreading the word. Whatever you choose, they are all about helping pets, having fun, and getting your friends involved! Each project is worth a different amount of points, which you can see in the project descriptions below.

Step 3

After you have done your project (make sure you take photos or screenshots), fill out a Street Team Report. The Petfinder Foundation will review the report, and if you met all the requirements, we will add points to your account. We love good photos and videos, and there is a good chance you may just see yours on our website, Facebook, or even on!

Step 4

Rinse and repeat. We will be updating the projects here frequently, so there are always ways to earn more points. When you have acquired enough points, we will contact you so you can choose your prize!

Project: Make a Kennel Quilt

kennelquiltLike quilting? The Petfinder Foundation has teamed up with Quilt Pattern Magazine for this project. After Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, we worked together to make and distribute over 100 quilts to shelters affected by the disaster to help keep their pets comfortable. You can sign up to get all the information you need to get involved here, including quilt patterns and information on shelters in need.


Point System:

Sign up, take a screenshot of your confirmation email, and fill out a report: 20 points

Fill out a report with a photo of your first kennel quilt: 150 points

Fill out a report with a photo of a shelter pet using the quilt: 150 points


Project: Adoption Posters

Are you the artsy type? Make your own adoption themed poster and hang it around town, in your school, at work, and wherever else you can think. Remember, this needs to be a positive poster promoting adoption, and it needs to mention going to to help!

Point System:

Fill out a report with a photo of your poster hanging up in your town or city: 100 points

For each additional location you hang it (and provide a picture): 20 points


Project: Join Us on Causes

Now’s the time to put your marketing skills to work! Join our online Causes community and spread the word. With your help, we can make our adoption message viral! Visit to join (you will need a Facebook account). Each week, will provide you with an action that you can do to help pets.

Point System:

Fill out a report with a screenshot confirming your membership: 20 points

Fill out a report with a screenshot showing you invited 25 friends to join: 50 points

Project: Like Us on Facebook

It’s as easy as that. Visit us at and like us to stay up to date with what we are doing!

Point System:

Fill out a report with a screenshot confirming you ‘like’ us: 20 points

Are you extra dedicated to the cause? Fill out a report with a screenshot showing you not only ‘like’ us, but have added us to your interests list: 50 points

Still not enough? Include a screenshot of you inviting your friends for another 50 points!