Grant Types

To accomplish our mission of ending the euthanasia of adoptable pets, we concentrate our work in three core programs: Care of Shelter Pets, Emergency Management & Disaster Recovery, and Sponsor a Pet.

Learn about our grant types and opportunities below.

Grant Opportunities


taneyPreparing for emergencies and helping shelters, pets and pet owners recover in their wake. Grants of this type include emergency transport and vetting, and funding for disaster recovery. Click below to see any grants we have available in this category.


billboard-pet-insuranceFunding homeless pets nationwide. Grants in this category include pet food, vaccines, sheltering, and general operating grants. Click below to see any grants we have available in this category.


orange kitten 1Even if you can’t adopt, we make it easy to help provide shelter and care for a pet awaiting a home. We provide a way for shelters and rescues to fundraise for the pets in their care, and cultivate local donors to make their group more sustainable. Read Sponsor A Pet FAQs here. If you are a Petfinder member, you can click below to apply to be a part of the program.

Grant Requirements

Each grant offered from the Petfinder Foundation will come with their own specific set of guidelines. However general grant requirements include:

  • Be a Petfinder member in good standing
  • Providing shelter contact information, including EIN
  • Providing shelter intake, adoption and euthanasia numbers
  • Participation in completing monthly surveys about the awarded grant
  • Participation in press releases drafted by the Petfinder Foundation
  • Submitting of a formal grant report to the Petfinder Foundation after grant funds have been spent, including providing receipts
  • Submitting pictures and adoption stories to the Petfinder Foundation of pets who were helped with the grant award